Leveraging Video and Podcasts to Drive Business Growth

Do you know that over 45 percent of podcast listeners have grown their annual household income by a quarter of a million? Imagine how much the podcast producers make from it. Well, that aside, most podcast listener believes they are listening to the advertisement of a product. Furthermore, businesses that use podcasts enjoy a rise in the purchase of their products and services. These are impressive statistics, but they are reasons you should use a podcast to grow your business.


If you are new to podcasting, contact Business Takeout to advertise your brand or product. At Business Takeout, they offer advertising slots for businesses to get maximum exposure and increase their customer base via video podcasting.


You may choose to wonder why the rise in using podcasts, but the answers are pretty clear. How many times have you opted to listen to a book rather than read it? How many times have an advert etched in your memory than the flyer handed over to you? The podcast allows you to communicate directly to your potential clients while holding down loyal customers.


Do you know that people who listen to the first podcast in a series are more likely to look out for all the topics in the series? So regardless of the size and industry, podcasts can help improve online visibility and increase sales. And by the way, you do not need a star face or melodious voice; all you need is, to be honest, and interact with your listeners.


The power of Podcast in business


You are in business for one reason – get people to know about what you do and appreciate it by buying into it. About 197 million Americans listen to a podcast at least a month and this number are on the increase. Furthermore, the world is sinking deep into digitalization, and businesses without a digital imprint are bound to die out sooner than later. Podcasting is a powerful marketing tool that appeals to all classes of people. The podcast aims to bring the advertising gap via interesting content. This content address problems or doubts the clients have but is also downloadable for a repeat listen.


A podcast is the best form of advertising, so to use it in growing your business, keep the following in mind.


Understand the technicalities of a Podcast


A podcast is a series of downloadable audio/video recordings in parts available online. So if you choose this method of communicating with your customer, you must be consistent and ensure it is compatible with mobile users. Most podcast listeners are smartphone users, so ensure people can subscribe and download it when it is available. If you are new or just getting into the podcast scene, contact Business Takeout to get your business the right exposure now.


Explore your strengths


Your business is a solution provider or a doubt explainer. Let us explain. In every business, you are either helping people to find better ways of handling a problem or informing them doubt or fear does not matter. So before you decide to start a podcast for your business, think about the manner of approach and find a happy medium. If your business is one with less information, make factual data available to the listener, and provide reliable answers via your business offering.


Launch Strong


To get your business podcast to the right people, you need to advertise it. Go on all social media platforms like Facebook Twitter, and Instagram, and even Google to give a sneak peek into the podcast. Introduce your business and make the content premium, easy to understand, and relate and provide a direct call to action for the listener to purchase the products.


Build an engaging community


A podcast is about getting and educating an audience that needs or will use your product. An engaging community will keep people listening to what you have to say, which is crucial to a budding audience. The first step in growing a business with the podcast is communicating and answering their questions in the comment section. You should never leave questions and comments unattended. If you are answering them in the next podcast, let your listeners know that, and it gives you a new topic to talk about.


Establish Trust


Business is about trust – blind trust most of the time as people would believe you if you are relatable to them or their circumstances. Before setting up yourself and brand on the market, a podcast allows you to solidify your voice in the market as an expert. People trust the experts, those with real facts and knowledge about the product or service. Besides, to share valuable information, get in touch with other experts in the same line of business on a podcast. This will give your listeners that certainty that you are for real.


Work with your viewers.


It is your business, but they are the ears and eyes of the brand to the outside world. One way to truly get your customers involved is by networking. Do promotions or giveaway to those that connect more people or contribute to the success of the podcast. Networking is essential to every business, and if you want to succeed, collaboration is necessary.


Growing a successful business is hard work, and regardless of the medium, you intend to use – having a podcast should be one of them. Writing great content and blogs are good, but if you want to get the buzz about your business, then a video podcast is a must for you.


However, if at any point you feel this is not for me, I do not have the face, voice, or time; Business Takeout is your path to success. We will help your business get the right exposure via podcast and create incredible visibility for you. Despite how difficult, a podcast is a marketing tool that all businesses must employ. Some people will work with you to build the perfect setting for your theme and offerings.


Furthermore, it is free; all you need is to start and keep at it. We live in a digital age, no business can survive without a digital imprint, and the podcast is the best yet.

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Leveraging Video and Podcasts to Drive Business Growth | Business Takeout

Do you know that over 45 percent of podcast listeners have grown their annual household income by a quarter of a million? Imagine how much the podcast producers make from it. Well, that aside, most podcast listener believes they are listening to the advert...
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