Why Social Media Influencers Are Changing The Game For Marketing

Social media is the new marketplace for various brands and social media influencers are the gateway to this new digital market.


Business in recent times has evolved from what it was known to be and how it was conducted in the very beginning when it only involved the exchange of goods and/or services. Now, you can connect to a wider audience with just a touch of a button and use social media influencers to carry out your mission in a more personal way. 


Obviously, the online world is redefining a whole lot of human activities, and creating alternatives to the traditional approach to life. Business is among the most affected aspects of human life by the internet and we shall discuss why online influencers are currently changing the game for business in this article. 


It is quite obvious now that with the arrival of social media and the presence of social media influencers in our world today, a new trend is gradually being set in the business world for a marketing approach that will rely heavily on social media platforms. In order not to be left behind, every smart businessperson must take time out to learn the basics and dynamics of online influencer marketing. Luckily for you, we shall provide much of this information here. 


What Does Influencer Marketing Mean?

Influencer marketing in simple terms can be defined as a marketing strategy or approach that relies on the endorsement of a business brand or product by a person of fame or who has attained a level popularity, such that he builds conversations about that brand or product and by doing so, shares his popularity with such brand or product. 


This marketing strategy was developed, following the realization of the power that celebrities wield over their followers as opinion leaders and the prospects it offers to the prospective marketing of business brands and products. 


The basis of this marketing strategy is built on the fact that people tend to believe the celebrities that they love and have built a level of trust or respect for. This makes it easier for them to accept and act upon the messages they get from these celebrities than what they get from other sources. 


What Does Social Media Influencer Marketing Mean? 

Social media influencer marketing is not much different from the traditional influencer marketing in the sense that they both are built on the same principles (targeting clients through popular celebrities). The difference, however, is that social media marketing exists on social media and other digital platforms, and it measures people’s celebrity status by the number of followers they have gathered on the virtual world. 


Who Is A Social Media Influencer? 

A social media influencer can be said to be someone who has built a strong online presence for himself on social media platforms by way of gathering a huge followership base for himself on the platform. 


What this entails is that a person who has been able to attract many other people as followers on any of his social media accounts can be called a social media influencer. For instance, if you have opened an Instagram account and have been able to attract very many people as followers on that account, then you are a social media influencer. 


Oftentimes, social media influencers grow their accounts (attract followers) by creating and updating contents that are interesting and will build interactions on their platform, such that other people are attracted to view such updates and join in on the conversation. 


Social media influencers can start conversations on social media, influence thought, start trends, etc. and it is on these capabilities that business brands base their marketing efforts.


Why Social Media Influencers Are Changing the Game for Marketing?


They Are Opinion Leaders 

Often, social media influencers have their niches. It is from this niche that they often create contents and build status for themselves as influencers on social media. From making a consistent post on that field of life and having many followers who consume their information, they are bound to grow into opinion leaders in that niche, such that their view on issues in that niche are often seen as a base for forming further opinions by their followers. This makes marketing a product easier for them as their followers often see their opinions as authoritative. 



Considering the fact that their followers have already built a level of trust for them and will more easily believe information from them than they would believe information from other advert sources, it is easier for social media influencer to sell off a brand or product to his followers. 


Their Followers Are Loyal to Them 

One among the things that stand social media influencers out from most other marketing options is that they have followers who are loyal to them and will easily act on information gotten from them without giving it too much thought. This, of course, is a plus for the marketing strategy and can be very advantageous to the promotion of a business brand or product as it is very easy to strategically transfer this loyalty to the object being endorsed. 


Social Media Is The New Marketplace 

With much more people spending a lot of time on social media platforms every day, and businesses moving online to go meet them in the online world, it goes without saying that social media is the new marketplace for businesses. 


Of course, if you wish to survive in the new business world, you must learn strategies that work on the platform. Social media influencer marketing is the in-thing now for online businesses and we have listed some reasons why it is so in this article. 

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Why ‘Social Influencers’​ Are Changing The Game For Marketing | Business Takeout

Social media is the new marketplace for various brands and social media influencers are the gateway to this new digital market. Business in recent times has evolved from what it was known to be and how it was conducted in the very beginning when it
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